August 21, 2021

Streaming Network Launched In The Thick Of Pandemic Is Thriving And Helping Business Owners Find Their Voice and New Customers


At The One Year Anniversary Taste On TV Is Reshaping Streaming Television

LOS ANGELES, CA – Labor Day 2021 will officially mark the 1 year anniversary for Taste On TV. The network plans on celebrating the year mark with three days of special programming, new show launches, and new season openers. Labor Day weekend will also mark a dramatic increase in accessible viewers and a format update that will include a mixture of culinary, cultural, and lifestyle programming. 

Taste On TV features a wide variety of fresh faces and personalities from all walks of life. Show hosts and producers are diverse in background and are freely provided with a platform to educate, discuss, or entertain. Many are business owners and have used the network to grow their brands and reach new consumers. It’s a great support system, says Emory Livers, the Talent Coordinator for Taste On TV.

Last year the network launched during the global pandemic. Even though it was hard to predict the business climate, the network’s founder forged ahead and was able to quickly ramp up and debut more than 20 new show titles at launch, with a dozen more waiting in the wings.

This year Taste On TV  will be expanding into millions of new households. In September, the network will gain access to Apple’s 50 million-plus users on the Apple TV platform. And, later in the year, more than 40 million new viewers will be able to access the streaming channel through Amazon’s Fire Stick. Taste On TV is also available on Roku and accessible through Taste On TV To Go, the network’s native mobile application for Android and iOS. Viewers can also watch online on the network’s website.

“This year is going to be exciting for Taste On TV and Tasteavision Media. We have so much planned. So many great people and shows. So many ground-breaking ideas to put into motion.” Explains the network’s President, Terance Quilens Sr. He goes on to say, “Our goal is to put out a product that reshapes and redefines the way people view and interact with television. It has been our mission from day one and we will always remain true to our vision”.

Taste On TV is a media property owned and operated by Tasteavision Media Inc., a media and tech company based in Los Angeles, California. Tasteavision Media Inc. was formed by Terance Quilens Sr. in 2020. For more information about Tasteavision Media Inc., please visit To learn about Taste On TV and for the current broadcast schedule, log on to